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Bra of product state

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    In some books of quantum mechanics, the would like to write the product state as, for instance,


    where 1 and 2 denotes different particle. If I want to write the corresponding bra vector, does the order matter? Which form is correct?




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    Since you labeled the states to show which applies to 1 and which to 2, the order doesn't matter. I think the more usual convention is to preserve the order, so that your first option would apply, but, again, as long as it's specified, it doesn't matter.
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    I'd choose the second option because it makes the "products" associative:

    [tex]\Big({}_2\langle\beta|{}_1\langle\alpha|\Big) \Big(|\gamma\rangle_1|\delta\rangle_2\Big) ={}_2\langle\beta|\Big({}_1\langle\alpha|\gamma\rangle_1\Big)|\delta\rangle_2[/tex]

    But I agree that it doesn't really matter as long as you remember that the 1-bra acts on the 1-ket and so on.
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