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Brain and skull

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    Brain and skull
    Do you have a 50% chance of dying when your skull is opened for brain surgery due to intracranial pressure? How much can you decrease your odds of dying from that? And how much of the brain could be repaired from putting stem cells into the brain (the most possible during one brain surgery only though) if the stem cells could be stimulated?
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    I mean, my question is- this is my only question- what are your odds of dying (percentage chance, ie 75%) during deep brain surgery if a piece of brain (very small/whichever size is the best size to remove and survive during surgery while it's being done) is being removed?
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    (the 2nd post not the first in this thread is the only one I want answered)

    I mean keeping in mind that that drug/chemical vampire bats inject/use on their victim when they bite can help with blood clotting, and they can put a person in suspended animation for 2 or 3 hours when they're not breathing or having a heartbeat and keeping in mind other things, what are your chances of dying during the surgery described above in the 2nd post?)
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    It doesn't let me edit even though it hasn't been very long?
    When you answer the questions post #2 and down could you keep in mind things like heart/lung machines and just in regards to answering the question could you assume that the brain would be grown back correctly with epileptic cells/stem cells? (Even though that would probably not be the case?) and could you answer why as well to the questions? thanks

    And also, which parts of the brain would the removal of definitely kill you even if you could be on a machine that breaths for you and could grow back the parts with epileptic cells/stem cells? Why? thanks
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    The risks related to brain surgery are dependent on the type of surgery (what part of the brain they are trying to reach), the underlying reason for the surgery, how extensive the affected area is, and a whole lot of other things. If you know someone about to undergo surgery, their neurosurgeon is the only person who can give a decent answer about the risk in their particular circumstances.
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    If they're taking a piece (ie small piece/big piece whatever sized piece would give you the most odds of survival)/out of the most lethal area to remove a brain piece from what would you say (approxiametly) your odds/percentage of dying during surgery are? If you're young and healthy? (If you're taking the piece out just so you have room to regenerate the brain, ie not because you have a tumor or something) Keeping in mind the above info

    What I mean is- I'm just asking for a guess based on the above info, I know there's lots of variables involved- would you say it's like 75% or 50% or a different number? (of dying during the surgery)
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    I just told you, there are too many variables to guess. It is highly dependent on the individual, the procedure, the area affected, the size of the area affected, the type of problem, etc.
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