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Brain Fitness

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    Has anyone heard of this program by Merzenich?

    http://www.positscience.com/science/global_science_team/michael_merzenich.php [Broken]

    It is supposed to be the " authentic " brain fitness program , his tests are really intriguing - one is located at the bottom right hand corner of the above website.
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    Most definitely. I have purchased both products for my parents and cant think of enough superlatives to describe how great an experience it has been for them and me. I highly recommend these programs for anyone over 40.

    In order to get some information I went to the site and noticed they made a couple announcements today...partnerships with Alzheimer's Australia and Allstate. I cant imagine those two companies don't do there due diligence on Posit Science.

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    I did the brain speed test. I did it three times and got 39 milliseconds, then 32 then 30.
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    So tribdogs can learn new tricks then.
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    The whole test is supposed to take around 30 minutes. After this it gives you the age of your performance , how good your listening skills are. I like the test because it seems to tap into your brain's inherent abilities.
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