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Medical Brain Logic

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    I'll give three subjects to work with please tell me any descriptive attributes to them:

    Thinking: If you think with the knowledge you have now but expand on it does it help yourself? Also, how does learning have to do with this

    Learning: How do you know when your learning at your limit when you probably can achieve more?

    Brain activity: If you think constantly is it healthy? Or will it just give you a headache?

    With these three subjects can some one please weave this subjects together and come up with a thesis and how they can all benefit someone into their studies.

    Bottom line, What i am trying to do is see whether or not you can improve someone's mental state.
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    In other words, what are things to remember when you study and do homework?
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    a general overview of the info and where the details are when it's time to come back and do the work. i wish i knew just how much info a person could store in thier head before you'd have to erase another (older) thought. it really would help to streamline learning.
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    Okay, i rephrase my whole essay here into this: here is an analogy: There is storage in a hard drive, it had some files that were deleted, but can be brought back up. Although, it requires a good processor to process all the files back up into the screen so that the knowledge that is shown can be easily shown to do work at an efficient rate. Now how can i do this to my brain. I would like to get the most of my brain to act as the computer i have said. (pardon for my grammar ( now you see why i want to increase my performance :biggrin: )
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