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Brain/Mind/ ?

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    I find it difficult on knowing where to begin, brain or mind. In a lecture I attended
    the speaker said the brain can be thought of as the hardware and the mind as
    the software. After much thought on this I was comfortable with the idea,it seem
    to fit so well but not totally. The brain as we know has physical substance,shape
    texture and fluid. The mind we believe is somewhere in the brain but uncertain
    the space or state of it's existence. We do understand through science that the
    mind is somewhere in the brain, as an example: if an arm is removed,leg or other
    parts of the body is damaged except the brain, mind continues to function, but on
    the other hand the brain is damged or destroyed mind ceases, thus we assume a
    relationship of brain and mind. Let's assume that the mind is the seat of the brain's
    reality (software) and the brain's physical geography the hardware or structure.
    There seems to be a relationship of brain developement and the mind's capacity,
    and a relationship of mind to the brain's capacity, however from different perspectives.
    Can mind exist without the physical envelope of a wet brain? Can the wet brain exist
    without mind? I am more or less inclined to think of brain and mind as a unit, the
    wet brain as the housing and the mind as it's rational reality.
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    Importantly, if the brain is injured in certain ways, the mind is affected in certain definite ways, and by studying people whose brains have been damaged in various very particular ways, we can get some insights into the way the brain and the mind are interelated. It seems to be wrong to think of the mind as being "in the brain" as if it were a thing someplace inside there. Perhaps the mind is a process which is determined partly by the physical processs in the brain and partly to the relations between the brain and the rest of the body.
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    Thank you for your response,I do appreciate it.
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    To continue on brain/mind/?

    We know when looking at a person as an example, that image is beening realizied
    within the brain, or hearing receiving vibrations, smell & taste stimulation,etc,etc.
    The human body transmitting information to the brain,the brain in turn responding
    to stimuli if it requires a response and so on. This elementary subject can easily
    be found in book stores or the internet, the reason I mentioned it briefly is to
    provide a back ground.
    Information is not easily provided in certain areas unless expressed with theories
    and or concepts, i.e. mind dimensional preception of self awareness,etc.etc.
    which I have been working on for some years. These are the discussions in later
    post I wish to continue with hope of feedback from others who are interested
    on the subject. If no feed back I will just have to drop the subject here and
    continue it on other posts.:smile:
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