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Brain movements

  1. Jul 19, 2004 #1
    I heard this story from some of my classmates.
    A gal just joked with a guy, and they kept joking everyday, finally they got married. one year later, the guy told his friends that he really regretted having married the gal and the gal told her friends that it was a big mistake to have said YES when he proposed. However, one year later, they had the first kid ! :confused:
    But one year later, they --fiercely-- quarreled everyday, but anyone can tell me what happened then ?
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    This one's beyond my scope. Brain teasers are infinitely easier when they don't involve gals !
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    No, I am a strong man, what makes you think I am a gal, Deniel isn't a guy's name, My whole name is Deniel Johnson, I mean Johnson not John's son as i heard from some people.
    The lady in my story is real, i see her by my own eyes, I talked with her twice when her husband hit her in the right eye and she had to stay at her friend's home that night. He hit her three times (one right, two lefts) if I recalled correctly. That guy is err was really rude to her!
    But do you know what happened then ? Give you a hint, he loves her now...
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    Hey, I didn't mean to call you a gal. I was refering to the gal in the question.

    Seeing that this is a real situation, I'm not sure I'd want to call it a Brain teaser, lest we appear to derive amusement from other people's tragedies.

    Anyways, I'm clueless...as I always am, about people. I'll leave this to the Freuds and Jungs that haunt this joint.
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    Well, if she hates him, my guess is that his attraction towards her is increasing dramatically. If all goes well, he'll eventually win her back over. Of course, those stifling relationships always get to to him, so once she's totally fallen back in love with him again, his attraction towards her will be taking a corresponding nosedive. And, once he starts treating her badly again, she'll start hating him again, causing him to start loving her again.

    That typical sine-cosine relationship. Totally tragic. :frown:

    If he really wanted a healthy marriage, he would have married someone who treated him like crap regardless of what he did. Then his attraction towards her would stay constantly high. :tongue2:
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    Deniel, I think we're ready for the answer. Please tell us.
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    i believe that this is a forum for brain teasers, not to discuss about relationships, so please try to stck to it.

    anyways, i think that the gal suddenly got rich (maybe she won a lottery or some rich uncle left her a lot of money) and the guy wants to lay his hand on that money, that is why he is pretending to like her once more.


    he has realised his mistake and is trying to be a good man, with some self respect.

    let's vote for it.

    majority wins
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  9. Jul 21, 2004 #8
    You guys who posted answers in previous posts are all wrong!

    The guy and the gal went to court last month and they got divorced already.
    The guy keeps the baby and now "runs" around with his new gal night and day like Mickey and Kitty.

    The gal is at home and she is now FREE! Sometimes she comes back to visit the baby only not the guy, I have talked to her yesterday, I know it clearly. She told me that in a couple of weeks later after finishing her exams, she and some of her friends would fly to Europe for..............FUN!. I wish i could go with her but I am a busy man, you know, I have to earn money by part-time jobs to make ends meet.

    Thats the answer!

    -----------------The End----------------------------
  10. Jul 23, 2004 #9
    and can you try to explain, how does this count as a brain teaser and what has it got to do with the name 'brain movements'.

    lets make another voting:

    whether this man, should be allowed to visit this forum again or should he be banned for life.

    those who think he should be banned should type 'BANNED' in their post.

    and those who think he should be allowed to come again,

    are not eligible for voting!!!
  11. Jul 23, 2004 #10

    on a more serious note, i surely agree with gokul on this one.
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