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Brain Power

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    If you have to lift some large mass a certain number of feet is there a way to calculate the amount of brain power used?
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    Like, lift it with your mind? Depends on how fast you lift it.
    Brain Power = M g h / t
    M=mass, h=height, t=time to lift it.
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    Work = Force * Distance

    I guess it depends on what manner you apply a force to achieve the work.

    Here, brain power is inversely related to the difficulty in which the work is achieved. Meaning, if the work is achieved easily an in a timely manner (low difficulty), a large amount of brain power can be assumed employed. But, if the work is achieved rather sloppily and with much physical laboring (high difficulty), then a lack of brain power can be assumed employed. Either way it is a rough approximation and current efforts have been directed at pondering more insightful questions.
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    Ok I'll be the first one to say it. Ummm WHAAAT?
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    Yeah, I wouldn't lift it with my head. Neck problems seem to run in my family. Better to use a winch.

    Anyway, the answer to the question in the OP is: no. And since there is no physics content to this, there really isn't anything to discuss.
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