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Medical Brain Question

  1. May 6, 2007 #1
    Here's something I've been pondering, hopefully it will make sense:
    while minding my own business, I hear a voice in my head saying "Hello, it's time to make a choice. If you click download you will enter the matrix. otherwise you will lose your chance forever."
    Why is it possible that I am not actually doing or experiencing what I think I am doing and experiencing?
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    If you are hearing voices, you need to see a doctor. Other wise you are watching too many movies and have too active an imagination.
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    That was a good movie though
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    if the little people let you hear them...then there job isn't being done.

    Or it could be your voicebox regurgitating stuff as evo said an active imagination.
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    no seriously...
    i guess what im asking is...how do you hear things (in your head) without having an external sound.
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    if your deaf to everything around you, you must be a mathematician.

    i took the blue pill and rode the wheel until it fell off, third eye crushed the matrix.

    wait this is crazy talk, crazy like a fox :blushing:

    time to see a doctor :wink:
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    Obviously the voice is lying to you if it keeps repeating the same thing.
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    Yah I hear voices in my head:
    "Red Room! Red Room!":rofl:

    Evo sounds right, if you really hear things see a doctor about it.
  10. Jun 10, 2007 #9
    I could be wrong but i think he means that for example if you remember what someone told you yesterday and you can hear it in your mind..how do you hear it again without it being said externally?? Sorry if im wrong about that.:uhh:
  11. Jun 12, 2007 #10
    Hearing Voices

    There are 3 possibilities to this voice of yours:
    1. You made it up to get attention.
    2. You need to see a doctor. Now.
    3. You have a very...interesting...imagination.

    While you're waiting for an appointment with the doctor, click "dowload", and start bending spoons, dodging bullets, and doing kung fu.
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    I suspect you're thinking that the voice is "coming from somewhere" and that you are "hearing" it in your head.

    In fact, it is simply memory recall. It's no different than recalling an image of a shiny red apple.
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    In the case of dellusions the voices sound real rather than the poor quality we might experience when we can't get a song out of our head.
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