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Brain rewire

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    Sounds right to me, though i wouldn't have been able to explain why it is so. I think i can agree with everything in the study but i am not sure about the extent to which brain rewire can make a difference:

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    What do the others think?
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    Simon Bridge

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    What is it that "sounds right" to you - i.e. on what scientific basis are you judging the information in the article?
    Do they provide citations to the research that is used in support?
    Is there a concrete link between the research and the promised results? i.e. does the research presented in support (or background or whatever it is for) actually support the claims made later in the article?

    Of course, you "can agree with everything" in anything.
    What's important is the reasons for the agreement.

    You've been around PF for long enough to know how things work here - please show your reasoning.
    Here's some help:

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    Neuroplasticity was mentioned in my psychology textbook. It basically said new neurons were created, and the prevailing view sometime ago was that the adult brain was hard-wired and not capable to regenerating itself.

    I think CBT and like therapies back up rewiring the brain to think differently.
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