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Brain Teaser #93

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    Brain Thumper #7

    What is the greatest number of knights that can be placed on a chessboard such that no two pieces are in a position to attack each other? Please provide your solution.
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    48 if you asssume that pieces can not attack those of the same color.

    I have a feeling you're not assuming that though.


    edit - wait, I think I have a better way.

    Hmm, you might mean it the way I stated after all.

    2nd edit. No, I was a fool. If that were the case you could put 64!

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    Wow, that was a fast response! But no, I meant attack or defend. This is analogous to the eight queens problem.
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    32, cover one color completely.
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    Except that it's the toddler version, for creators with brain spasms.

    Next time I'll let Njorl come up with the chess problems.
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