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Brain teaser

  1. Feb 6, 2009 #1
    Here ya go:

    The Sheriff of Nottingham had rounded up three suspects in the theft of a horse. (To the Sheriff’s dismay though, none of them were Robin Hood!) His informants from the local hamlet market all told him that each of his suspects was either a Knight, a Liar or a Knave, but the information conflicted and he couldn’t be certain just who was who, let alone who actually did it. He did know, however, that a Knight was honour-bound to always tell the truth, a Liar was, well, always a liar, and that Knaves always alternated between telling the truth and a lie.

    In order to sort this all out, he put the suspects (A, B and C) in the same room, and told them to each make, in turn, a total of 3 statements, from which the Sheriff hoped to deduce the truth. The suspects stated the following:

    A. B didn’t do it!
    B. I’m always truthful!
    C. A’s the Knave!
    A. I didn’t do it!
    B. A’s last statement was a lie!
    C. B’s last statement was a lie!
    A. C’s last statement was a lie!
    B. I didn’t do it!
    C. Well, I didn’t do it either!

    Hm-m-mm!! Who was which, and who did the Sheriff conclude actually did it, thereby saving the poor serfs of the Shire the expense of a long and completely unnecessary trial?
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  3. Feb 6, 2009 #2
    C=Knight, A=Knave, B=Liar, B=guilty
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    yep :)
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    I think I already read the same teasers as before. The situation and characters are somewhat the same.

    tease your eyes
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