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Brain Transplantation Hoax Web-Site

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    Wow, this really got me once I first looked at this site, but a search on google revealed that this is just another hoax web-site!

    Brain Transplantation! Give me a break!

    Check it out and have a laugh!
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    I'd rather keep the brain I've got and have a total BODY transplant!
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    I believe that is what they are offering.
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    And had I actually taken the time to view the link I would have known that! However, being in my usual hurry, I just took the words 'brain transplant' to mean having a new brain transplanted into your old body, much the way 'liver or heart transplant' means having a new liver or heart transplanted into your old body. Silly me! Next time I'll view the link! :wink:
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    You missed out. They even have sample bodies for you to take. But they can't reveal how they get them.
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