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Brains required!

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    Hi all,

    Have just joined up cause I have been trying to solve a puzzle ofr ages now and am totally stuck so thought I would come and see if any of you clever people can help me :eek:)

    I need to find a password, generated from the following clue:

    Seek out that which relates this place to East India and Alton,
    Speak the name that is the sum of all particles and energy.

    The first part of the answer is BLACK HOLE I have had it confirmed this is correct (East India = Calcutta = Black Hole of Calcutta = ride Alton Towers called the Black Hole).

    This is then supposed to lead on into the next part of the clue Speak the name that is the sum of all particles and energy

    Well so far I have tried the following as possible answers:


    All of which are incorrect. The password is a long word and contains the letters E and S somewhere in it! So if any of you have any suggestions, please let me have them, it's driving me insane!!!! I promise to come back and let you know what the answer was....assuming I finally get it right!

    Thanks :eek:)
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    The sum of all energy and mass is CONSERVED (there is an S and E).
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    forces? singularity (although it doesn't contain an 'e' "black hole does and I'm not entirely clear if the "e" in black hole counts towards the "e" in the password)?

    Also, you said
    How do you know they are incorrect?
    How do you know this? Maybe if we are given all the information you know about how you know this information, it will help us in deciphering.
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    Fire Truck.
  7. Sep 17, 2007 #6
    special relativity

    string theory
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    He's trying to hack someone's password.

    I'd go with this one, me likey^^
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    lol, not trying to hack someones password. It's part of a competition I've been involved in for nearly a year. I know the words I listed are incorrect because the person I have to give the password to has told me so. I Know there is an S and an E in the word as they confirmed that too. The person I have to give the password too doesn't know the entire password, just 4 letters, iykwim. He has confirmed the two letters as they were in the words I tried, so presumably the two other letters he knows haven't appeared in the words I've tried so far (confused yet? lol).

    Anyway, once I give him a word that contains all the letters he knows, he then has to contact the people who are running the competition. Can only put 3 words a week, so all in all a lengthy process!
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    Why "this place"?
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    what were all the other words that you have tried before he told you about the 'e' and 's'; and what did you say or do to get him to tell you that? (it sounds odd that he would tell you or give you any 'hints')
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    Is 'black hole' not a part of the password? What is its role then? Can you show us some previous clues that you have solved.
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    maybe substance :rolleyes:
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    By all means, try the following words:


    and let us know what you discover.
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