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Branching growth

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    In this present world we can see that many objects grow branches itself for growth .For example,
    1.trees grow in size and branches itself .
    2.leaves also undergo the same type.
    3.the lightning is also branched.
    4.the cracks grow in size by branching.
    5.the roots grow in size by branching.

    Can this be compared to the growth of universe ?
    Please, can anybody figure out the solution for my query?
    if that is not the cause ,what would be the reason for growth of universe?
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    Sure. But we also see things that grow, but do not branch. If you fill up a balloon with gas, it will just get bigger; there won't be any baby balloons coming out of it. And most animals grow, but they do not branch (well, males do not, at least :smile:).

    No, not in standard cosmology. The metric expansion of space is an expansion, not a branching; there are no baby branches being born out of it.

    Have a look at metric expansion of space.

    In science, it's generally more useful to ask questions like "how...?" (e.g. "how does the Universe grow?") or "what's the mechanism?" (e.g. "what's the mechanism governing the growth of the Universe?").

    Questions about "cause" and "reason" are much more difficult to answer, because questions like that may imply intentions - and there aren't any intentions, as far as we know.

    Nevertheless, there may be a "cause/reason" if by that you mean mechanism; have a look at inflation and inflaton (note: inflaton is hypothetical).
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    The universe is lazy. It always prefers the path of least resistance.
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    that's good succinct way of putting it lol
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