Brane and string shapes ?

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brane and string shapes ???

Hello, I am an uneducated savage so please bear with me and respond in laymans terms if possible so essentially I have 2 questions

I was wondering if all variations of string shapes could be made from sections of a figure 8 shaped string which co incidentally or not is an infinity symbol ???

closed loops, open loops, straight sections even X shapes can be made from a figure 8 shape [Broken]

I'd like to imagine that each point in the above figure represents a dimension that the string vibrates across but it needs to pass thru the cross over point of time and 3 others to register as a physical object in our universe if not then it registers as an effect like gravity or light. Given that it can change shape it could disappear from our universe and back again by vibrating in and out of any number of points/dimensions.


If our universe is a bubble shaped brane are we on the inside surface or the outside surface ???

I would actuallly like to think we are in between the 2 surfaces of separate branes so for all intents and purposes it appears as though our universe is embedded in a bubble skin whose "leading edge/surface" is expanding at lightspeed faster than it's "trailing edge" giving the impression of inflation but all the while moving in a higher medium, only we can't tell as we are always looking from the inside out. So depending on which way we were looking things would be either moving towards us or away.

thanks in advance

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