Brass or chrome?

  1. I wanted to protect myself in the busy streets of compton, so i am thinking about buying brass knuckles. I know that they are illegal, and that it is ok in all the states, except illonois.Anyway the thing it comes with two choices, brass and chrome. So whats the difference and whats better? Thanks for helping.
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  3. If they are illegal where you live, this thread will probably get locked. Please clarify, where YOU live, are they legal?
  4. chrome plated desert eagle.

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  5. How would an airsoft gun help him? He isn't robbing a bank...:uhh::confused:


    EDIT: Lol, you just changed the picture as well...
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    Better in what way? Which is harder? Which is easier for clean peoples mashed faces off?
  7. it legal where i live, and better as in longer lasting, doesnt crack, break, damage, etc. Thanks for the effort
  8. I don't think you should have to worry about the durability of these, how many people do you plan on punching with them?:rofl: :rolleyes: Also, what made you think that physics forums was a good place to ask this?
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