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Bravais lattices question

  1. Jun 14, 2015 #1
    I don't see how for example Monoclinic C and triclinic P are different lattices.

    Take a look at monoclinic C :


    If I'd change one basis vector to go from the origin to the centered point instead I'm actually describing a triclinic P lattice. However they are still given as different Bravais lattices. Where does my mistake/misunderstanding lie here?
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    In P1:
    a≠b≠c, all angles≠π/2, so to two-fold axis

    in C2/m
    a=b≠c, β≠π/2, γ≠π/2
    for primitive basis and you still have 2/m axis going along the bisectrix between a and b
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