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Brayton Cycle confusion

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    This is a general concern with finding temperature values at different processes in the cycle, however i do have an example i am stuck on, and can post that if needs be. anyway, if i was required to find the flow rate at outlet, which temperatures would i need to put in the SFEE as i know cp(deltaT) = deltaH, my guess is T4 - T1. how would i go about getting temperature 3 and 4, I can get temperature 2 no problem, my main problem lies with calculating T3 on the constant pressure line, there is no volumes given and neither is the heat input at constant pressure. I basically have the shaft power, the inlet velocity, the mass flow rate, the pressures, cp and gamma, and temperature at inlet, which i assume is T1....?

    any help would be great, as i have an exam tomorrow and this seems to be the only sticking point for me.

    Thanks in advance

    Edit: It has come to my attention that this may well come under the subject of homework-type questions. however as i am not sure, and it seems pretty general to me, i will leave it here which i hope is not to much of a problem, and if required i or a moderator can move the post. :)
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    nevermind the temperature it has given me is T3 in the cycle, i believe its the turbine inlet conditions given, rather than the compressor, as if it was i would need a max cycle temp to work out the other unkowns.
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