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Brazil vs Australia

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    This went roughly along the lines I'd expected - at least the score did; I missed the match itself.

    They started Ronaldo again? Did he lose 20 pounds in the last 3 days? Says that he had both assists - wow!
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    Ronaldo was still awful. He teed up adriano for the first one, but was substituted by the time the second one was scored, by fred, set up by robinhio.
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    Brazil looked a different team with Ronaldo on the bench where he deserves to be sat for the remainder.... :)
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    This game should have ended in a draw. I felt Brazil struggled to control the game well enough to deserve two goals. I suppose the naivity of Australia prevented them from making the opportunities they had come to reality.
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    Was it the Brazilian team that played yesterday? They played rather sloppily and most of their passes were pretty lousy. Ronaldo looked like a tortoise played football...so slow. :mad:
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    Can he really be only 29?

    He's been around so long, I thought he was older.

    Fred should get a starting slot. He's averaging 30 goals a game (based on goals per minute).
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    Funny....(regardless anyone is better than Ronaldo, including me, at this moment)
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