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Bread Board

  1. Nov 14, 2009 #1
    Hello forum , i want to ask you a simple question , i am building a circuit on a bread board, the circuit is an H bridge 8A , is normal bread board can handle this current or the connection inside the bread board will be in not safe mode ?
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    If this is one of the breadboards that you use to plug in components and thin wires into, something like the following:

    ...Then no, it won't be able to carry more than an amp continuously (and even that is probably pushing it). Note also that you can only plug in wires that are at most 20 gauge, which I would definitely not put more than 1 A into:

    You may need to directly solder thicker gauge wire onto the contacts (assuming this is an IC) or put it onto some perf board (also with soldered connections) or develop a PCB around it.
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