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Breadboard and SMD components

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    I'd like to breadboard a surface mount IC for testing. Is there some type of connector that can be purchased to plug the IC into which will provides wire leads for breadboarding? Failing that, I guess I could try to solder leads to the IC. But at 3mm x 3mm and 10 pins, I think that's next to impossible. Especially with my $15 soldering tool.
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    For large complex parts (like FPGAs CPUs) you can get ZIF sockets but they cost a fortune.
    Normally you make up a little adapter PCB board with 0.1 headers that mounts in the same way as a DIP package.

    I also found these guys selling SMD prototype boards - but I don't have experience of them.http://protoboards.theshoppe.com/pcb_index.html

    You can solder SMD with a regular iron, the trick is the correct flux and having everything really clean. The surface tension pulls the solder onto the pads.
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    mgb's link looks good. You can also do a google search on surf board prototype adapters.

    I've never tried to solder SMT stuff with a cheap soldering iron, but it may work. I'd recommend using a Metcal soldering iron, if possible. They use RF heating and feedback to keep the tip temperature much better controlled.
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