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Break my addiction to Leaving Reality

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    break my addiction to "Leaving Reality"

    I managed to break my addiction to "Leaving Reality"; Reading too much, playing Video Games too much, and watching too many movies(not TV, TV sucked anyway).

    That addiction most likely prevented me from being able to skip grades early on in my life, and combined with the rediculous easiness of the work, and the amount of work there was(very little), and lack of looking at my standardized test scores on part of my school being... backwards, I shall say,

    I now have no study or work habits.

    So, simply put,

    I gotta make up for 10 years of my 15 years of life lost in video games and reading fiction too much. Any ideas? Physics/math/Biology-based.
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    You're still on PF.
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    This pertains to situations actually happening in the real life, plus the site is quite educational, so I think I can make an exception on this part. >_>
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    You're rationalizing... :biggrin:
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    Get over it kid.

    Are you asking for pity for doing nothing?

    I did nothing my whole life too, but I ain't whining about it.

    Trust me, when it comes to learning, you didn't miss on a whole lot. It took me like 1 month to learn everything in high school all over again.

    Now that you know there is a problem, try to fix. That's what I did.

    Note: Don't sit around during undergrad because then you will miss out on a lot in that case.
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    Yeah, GD is very educational!:biggrin:
    Once I come here, I don't feel like doing anything else during the day.
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