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Breaking the Speed Limit of Light

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    If I understand it, photons on the event horizon of a black hole can go over the speed of light by the plank constant.

    If they do this, what happens to their path through time?
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    I don’t think they go faster then light... as far as I know light is still a constant

    Also there path threw time? 1st off when u go the speed of light you are be 2D

    2nd when it comes to time... its all perception... time is not a constant and at a black hole there is going to be a lot of random gravity changing the perception of time
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    Can you clarify what you mean by this?
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    Why do you even consider that photons have a "path through time" ? Its an interesting question - well IMO :) The proven idea that gravity affects that which does not experience time, in time, seems profoundly mysterious to me!

    But this idea that "photons on the event horizon of a black hole can go over the speed of light by the plank constant" does not make sense to me whatsoever.

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    it isn't photons that are accelerated faster than c when escaping the event horizon surface of a black hole.

    it's only theoretically even electromagnetic radiation, per se.

    The gas jets of black holes emit "some" form of radiative energy "faster than c." I hadn't heard that Planck's constant was involved with this, though, personally, I wouldn't be surprised.

    Right now astrophysicists are speculating that this energy IS electromagentic because it seems to be travelling through a gas jet very dense with iron and other heavy elements.

    All of this is only speculation at this point though, and probably not much worth discussing here at this time.

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