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Breaking up CO2 using heat

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    I was wondering at what heat does CO2 begin to breakup as a molecule?

    If I make an electrical arc and put it through air will I be breaking up CO2?
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    Carbon dioxide has been broken to Carbon monoxide and oxygen at 1500oC by scientist. Now to break CO itself , we have to require a lot of heat energy indeed because its polar covalent bond. I think that passing electrical arc through air will break CO2 molecule. But again , it requires very very and very high temperature indeed. Hence breaking CO2 to C and O2 is very difficult. Electric arc at range 1500oC can break methane molecule. So CO2 will require electric arc of thrice or more temperature than methane to directly separate CO2 to C and O2. However , I'm not cent percent sure ! I have not experimented. I am just saying this by theoretical knowledge.

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