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Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP) program at NASA

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    First time poster, so I spologize if this is on the wrong board, or if it's a discussion that has already been beat to death. In other workds, go easy on me........

    The Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program was a NASA funded to program to research breakthroughs in spacecraft propulsion. Here's a summary taken from their website:

    In 1996, a team of government, university and industry researchers proposed a program to seek the ultimate breakthroughs in space transportation: propulsion that requires no propellant mass, propulsion that can approach and, if possible, circumvent light speed, and breakthrough methods of energy production to power such devices. This Breakthrough Propulsion Physics program, managed by Lewis Research Center, is one part of a comprehensive, long range Advanced Space Transportation Plan managed by Marshall Space Flight Center. Because the breakthrough goals are beyond existing science, a main emphasis of this program is to establish metrics and ground rules to produce near-term credible progress toward these incredible possibilities.

    I liked the whole concept, becasue it seemed to be a place that would act as a "clearinghouse" on information related to new methods and theories on space propulsion, without having to search the web and wade through the 1000's of crackpot articles and half-baked ideas. Unfortunatley, the program was no longer funded as of 2002 or so.

    Is there any place out there on the web that concentrates on breakthough propulsion physics like this program? Basically, a place where I could look to to follow what the latest papers are, what the latest research is, etc?
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