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Breast cancer.

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    is there connection between breast cancer and abortions ?
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    Their have been a few studies done on the subject, but they were inconclusive at best. I recall reading in the New England Journal a few years ago that no one had found a link between the two.
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    Just out of curiousity, why would there be a relatinship between abortions and breast cancer?
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    i been thinkin, when fetus is developing, so are mother milk glands.if a woman in lets say second month is aborting pregnancy some proto milk glands are changing into the tumors.
    I know this topic is very complicated and i'm no doctor, but to me seams very plausible theory.
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    The National Cancer Institute deemed that there is no connection between induced abortions and breast cancer

    However, there may be an association between sponatanous miscarriages and breast cancer: (thus, the biochemical/hormonal milieu that predisposes women to miscarriages may render a woman susceptible later in life?)

    Here is another :
    It is interesting that Mainland chinese women have the lowest rates of breast cancer in the world (from China) and they have the highest rates of surgical abortion since it is their major form of birth control in a one child policy and couples want more "valuable" sons."

    Here is a link to hundreds of journals and articles refuting the connection between surgical abortion and breast cancer or the more rigorous studies mentioned in the above. It is through Medscape. Hopefully you can access it and see the actual studies themselves rather than depending on layman media types to interpret it for you.


    Hopefully you can access it but you may need to subscribe to it as I do.

    In addition if you can get your hands on CDC MMWR, a public pamphlet for those who request to see it also discusses the lack of evidence associating breast cancer and surgical abortions.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2002). Abortion surveillance–United States, 1998. MMWR, 51(SS–3): 1–32.

    Here is just another good synopsis and remarks on how earlier, people did think there was an association http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/opinion/93875_soapbox02.shtml
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