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Breast fibroadenoma

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    What is a breast fibroadenoma at women?
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    It's a benign tumour... pretty harmless...
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    jim mcnamara

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    Fibroadenoma occurs in young women; it is not a problem and is normally not treated.
    It goes away on it's own. It is thought to be caused by increases in estrogen levels, it is most common in teenagers, and in young women on hormone therapy.
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    Check with your doctor. We cannot give medical advice here.
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    Breast cancer screening (mammography) is only offerred to women over 50...

    It is unusual for younger women to get the condition and so it is not worthwhile routinely screening anyone younger...

    If someone has a breast lump then GPs normally refer them to a one stop breast clinic... a biopsy is done to make sure that the lump is benign and not malignant... The tissue undergoes histological analysis (i.e. someone uses a microscope to look at the cells in the breast lump)... they can detect cellular difference between cells within benign lumps (fibroadenoma) or malignant tumours (breast cancer)... There is no risk in a biopsy...
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    I like this idea!
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