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Breast Size

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    What makes (Natural, not implants) breasts the size they are, percentage-wise I mean? (Eg is it (for example) 10% fat, 10% hormones, 10% genetics?) (Would the amount things affect breast-size, percentage-wise, vary with genetics?)
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    Mostly genetics.
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    Lured me in and shot me down. ha!
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    Therian - you female?

    Breasts change through life. You know that.

    They are somewhat larger during menstruation, in general, and they really get big during pregnancy and childbirth. The amount of milk folllowing childbirth can be a considerable percentage of breast volume.

    Many of us females experience depressing changes in breast size, and altitude, with age.

    I just have trouble believing that you don't know some of this stuff?

    So although it's hard to put a percentage on how much of a breast is this, or due to that, obviously hormones play a part, and it varies from one person to the next and from one stage of life to the next.

    How about penises? What makes them big or small? (Wicked grin)
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    I'd have to say genetics, but certainly pregnancy (hormones) affects them.

    Given that breasts are simply mammary glands/organs, whose primary function is to supply milk/nutrition to newborn human babies, it is a shame that our culture places so much emphasis on the size and shape.

    IMO, that women feel compelled to undergo breast implants is a tradgedy, although I certain understand and appreciate the psychological aspects.
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    I'm not sure Therian is asking why different women have different sized breasts, but what the composition of breast tissue is. So, since folks have covered the different size issue, I'll cover the composition side of things, which will vary with size and hormonal/lactational status, to some extent. Much of breast tissue is fat (adipose tissue), there's also some muscle present (not much, and contrary to those silly exercises women did back in the 60's, you're not going to increase breast size by building those muscles; usually vigorous exercise has the disappointing effect of burning fat and shrinking breast size), and a lot of glandular tissue for producing milk during lactation. Of course, as with any part of our body, there's also a blood supply/vascular tissue.
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    Yes, sorry, what I wanted to know was the composition of breasts tissue. Thanks Moonbear

    So are breasts only composed of:

    fat (adipose tissue),
    glandular tissue
    blood supply/vascular tissue
    fibrous tissue
    connective tissue
    (Aside from what may be in artificial breasts)

    I mean, are they (natural breasts) ever composed of anything more than that?

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    Did you have something else in mind you were wondering about being there?
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    no, I basically just wanted to know all the things that natural breasts could be composed of, that's why I was asking if they could be composed of anything else
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    Okay. I think the only thing left off that list would be connective tissue. Technically, fat is considered connective tissue as well, but there would be other types just holding everything together. That would be negligible in terms of affecting size though.

    Worth noting is that males also have the same breast tissues, although there is substantially less fat deposition (due to different hormonal regulation), so they do not become enlarged like female breasts do, hence the very obvious physical differences between male and female breasts.
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    So could you tell me what percentage of fat breasts are composed of, or does that vary with genetics, etc?
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    That's going to vary a lot, including with genetics and nutritional status.
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    I would say that diet plays a larger role than is realized.
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    Muscle, also reduces size and fat content, if you work out lots and are athletic often your breasts will shrink.
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    Whats the smallest percentage of fat that breasts would have to constantly be composed of? Is there one?
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    This is not correct at all. The primary function of the breast is to feed energy to the baby. The breast milk is the observable physical component of the energy.

    It is not a shame that culture places an emphasis on breast size. Breast size is an indicator of the health of the woman and an indicator of her suitabilitiy for motherhood. Breast size in many cases can be used to measure the "womanness" or "femininity" of a woman. Using breast size to judge the woman for suitablility for motherhood is a normal and expected thing from any society that wishes it's children to be strong and healthy.

    It is not a tragedy, it is a crime. These women have no idea what they are doing to themselves. They do not understand why the breasts are the size they are. They do not understand that the breasts will naturally change shape on their own. They do not understand the intended function of the breast and most of all they do not understand how boob surgery will affect this intended function.

    IMHO, breast surgery is torture inflicted on women for profit. If you were to tell someone about a woman whom doctors took knives to and cut her breasts, they would think you were describing a crime or torture. Until you mentioned breast implants. IMHO the doctors and manufacturers are fully aware of what they are doing. They are making money from uninformed woman who are pressured by society to go thru this disfiguring process.

    It angers me, saddens me and makes me nauseous to think how these bad men take advantage of ignorant women. I am the kind of person who would describe their actions as evil. Knowing, purposeful evil.
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    don't you think this is all being a bit dramatic?

    some women wish to augment their appearance, doctors are willing to provide this service...where's the problem?

    and if you are thinking of the whole silicone/saline thing, don't even go there...
  20. Jul 20, 2005 #19

    Sure it is dramatic. Cutting people with a knife is dramatic.

    The problem is women do not understand the basic nature of their body. They do not understand how the surgery is affecting them.

    Drug dealers are willing to provide drugs. Most people think that is taking advantage of weakness. Those doctors are making a fortune taking advantage of the weak self esteem of these women.
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    These women are adults and sign informed consent forms.
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