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Breathing Homework

  1. Nov 17, 2003 #1
    I really want to thank everyone for the help you've given me. I have another question that I need help with. Here goes:

    I do not know how to work this problem…can anyone help?

    A common means of delivering medication to the lungs is a “Jet Nebulizer”. A simplified diagram of a nebulizer is shown here – medicine is placed in a cup, air is passed through a “venturi tube”, and the resulting pressure difference drives fluid-borne medicine from the cup into the air stream where it is dispersed into a vapor to be inhaled into the lungs. (Incidentally, this same principle is behind the operation of a carburetor in a gasoline engine.)

    (1) A patient needs medicine that has a density of 1.25% that of water. The dimensions of the nebulizer (see below) are height medicine cup = 6 cm diameter venturi tube= 1 cm

    What minimum flow of air (RVol) must pass through the venturi tube in order to bring the medicine into the air stream, even if the cup is nearly empty? Give your answer in cm3/sec.

    A: I know that I will use either of these two eqations but I really do not how to solve these equations in either one…..


    P1 + pgy1 + ½rv12= P2 + pgy2 + ½pv22

    Thanks for the help in adavance!
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  3. Nov 24, 2003 #2
    did you figure this one out? I have a simular proplem and I was wondering how you worked this out? Anybody got any suggestions?

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