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Breeder reactor problem in China?

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    There are reports from the web claiming that the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency has stated that China's prototype Fast Reactor, which had been generating electricity for the Chinese grid since mid 2011, was cut off from the grid following an accident last October.
    China of course denies this (http://story.chinanationalnews.com/index.php/ct/9/cid/9366300fc9319e9b/id/203038024/cs/1/ [Broken] ), but I cannot see the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency making things up out of whole cloth.
    Moreover, there is a story on China Mining News dated July 21, 2011, that highlights the connection of the China Experimental Fast Reactor to the grid
    ( http://www.chinamining.org/News/2011-07-21/1311225886d48022.html ).
    That story appears to contradict the China National News claim that the CEFR was disconnected from the grid since July.
    Does anyone have any possible insight or were there signs of excess radioactivity noted last October that would support this claim? The Iodine 131 scare in Europe last year was in early November, if memory serves, so it may not be connected to this.
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