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News Breivik's bizarre mind&evil actions

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    I intend, on occasional basis, to update the readers of PF of the on-going interrogations and revelations from the Norwegian media, that are gradually normalizing themselves in their news, as we as a nation and individuals return to every day life.

    The major news today is that Breivik, who on the whole has been eager (and disgustingly proud of his actions) to cooperate with the police (who has as yet not nailed him on any lies), has claimed that he during some self-imposed break in his massacres called the police 10 times, with 2 accepted calls, saying he was "Commander Breivik" and was "ready to capitulate himself", regarding "his mission accomplished".
    He says he received "messages he didn't understand", so he resumed his massacre of innocent youths..

    That a wholly perplexed telephone receptionist may utter something strange when getting such a weird call is, as I see it, completely understandable.

    On another side, the police has stated that they are largely convinced that Breivik acted alone, also in the preparation phase, and has informed us that in the latest interrogations, they have focused on Breivik to give a rather macabre murder-for-murder account.
    The reason for this, the police says, is not because there exists much doubt about Breivik's guilt, but that out of experience, it is important for the relatives to be given as full information of how their beloved deceased one actually died.
    Breivik, in his ghoulish way, seems to relish in telling about what he systematically refer to as "executions", but I am convinced that the police has the sensitivity to convey the information they extract from this monster to the relatives in a manner acceptable to normal human sensibilities.
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