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Bremsstrahlung absorption

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    As far as I know, bremsstrahlung radiation -especially cyclotron- can be absorbed by the plasma but it escapes because it is not dense enough etc. Have researchers tried to make lithium blankets reflect those radiations and trap the radiation inside, eventually increasing the absorption rate?

    Thank you.

    edit: I think it is called "cavity enhanced plasma self-absorption" but it has not yet been used in fusion, or is it?
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    Brehmsstrahlung radiation and cyclotron radiation represent two separate phenomena or sources.

    Brehmsstrahlung radiation originates from electrons (usually) accelerating in the vicinity of nuclei and the emitted photons are in the X-ray range.

    Cyclotron radiation involves charged particles interaction perpendicularly to the magnetic field lines, hence cyclotron, and they are in the radiofrequency range. Microwave heating is one method of heating a plasma.

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    "Strictly speaking, braking radiation is any radiation due to the acceleration of a charged particle, which includes synchrotron radiation, cyclotron radiation, and the emission of electrons and positrons during beta decay. However, the term is frequently used in the more narrow sense of radiation from electrons (from whatever source) slowing in matter." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bremsstrahlung)

    But it doesn't matter, I asked something different. Have you ever encountered a kind of mirror to improve absorption of these emissions? Isn't it clever to do so?
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    I appreciate any answer. :)
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