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Homework Help: Brewster's angle

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    'light travels from ethanol into crown glass. what's the brewster's angle?' and what is the significance of this angle?'

    so i have:
    nr = 1.52 (crown glass
    ni = 1.36 (ethanol)

    so it's 1.52/1.36 tan-1 = 48.2 degrees?

    and what is the significance of 48 degrees?

    any help is appreciated. :wink:

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    They're not asking what is the significance of 48 degrees. They're asking what is special about Brewster's angle. For example, what practical optical devices take advantage of the Brewster's angle phenomenon?
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    k.. just reading the question here, in my first post i just wrote the short version of the question. is says:

    ..."what is the significance of this angle of incidence?"

    sorry for any confusion..

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    Chi Meson

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    The Brewster's angle is the angle of incidence at which some phenomenon is at its maximum. If you can find the formula, you should be able to find the phenomenon.
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    here's what i wrote:
    Note: 0 = theta

    'sin 0R = ni(sin 48.2)/nR
    0R = 41.8 degrees

    the angle of incidence is important because (0B = 48.2) + (0R = 41.8) = 90 degrees. the angle of 90 degrees indicates the reflected light is completely polarized parallel to the interface.'

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