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Brian Greene

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    Don't know if anyone watches the screen savers on Techtv, but Brian Greene was on tonight, not a bad interview. Of course, this forum is a Kaku site.
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    Brian Greene is also on NPR pretty often. The callers are usually pretty disappointing though. Either way, always fun to listen to him talk.

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    Nobody can doubt the explination skills of Brian Greene in his writing, what the Producers and Editors of the recent Nova Trilogy done to his Elegant Universe has to be questioned I think. I would love to know how much of the finished product dissapointed Brian?

    With just a book, Brian Greene excells a compeling read is Guaranteed, but the Documentary was a major dissapointment, but I guess by the posts here that this interview is pretty cool, any links available?
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    Are they questioning the Nova series? I watched it before I read the book, so I really couldn't look for any discrepancies. I thought the Nova series was very good, but maybe I should have another look at it.

    The book, either way, is fantastic.

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    Chi Meson

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    It had a lot of good things: decent explanations of difficult concepts that most people could understand, but the editing was horrendous! Too many talking heads saying the same thing over and over! The three hours total could be edited to a compact hour and a half. Still, I show selected portions to my classes because the graphics are great. Specifically, the depiction of "gravity waves" created by the anihillation of the sun is wonderful.
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    I have to admit that Brian Greene is an excellent orator. He has a knack for public speaking.
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    I attended a lecture by Brian Greene today, he started it off by reading part of an Amazon.com customer review, which I thought was very amusing :P

    Him ofcourse being extremely delighted to read that, but then it goes on.. he says :)

    Ofcourse he took that all with a wink, a very original way to start a lecture ;) He was actually invited by the Queen to inform her on the advances in string theory :P
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