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Bridge rectifier design

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    bridge rectifier design......

    Can I use the same bridge rectifier for AC as well for DC voltages?
    My AC mains is regular 265Vac and DC is 40Vdc.

    How should I choose bridge rectifier? (In other words, what are the parameters I need to check while selecting diodes for bridge rectifier?)

    Thank you,
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    hi there
    its a little unclear what you are trying to achieve

    not sure what you mean there ??
    bridge rectifiers are used for converting AC to DC. Are you trying to do something else ?

    sounds a bit high for usual AC mains usually within the ranges of 110 - 120VAC or 220 - 240VAC

    diode ratings are chosen for the peak inverse voltage and the current they are likely to pass.

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    Hi Dave,
    just trying to simulate something odd. I wanted to see what if I pass DC into bridge rectifier. (As we know that AC will convert into DC.)

    Yes, for AC is normally 110/220V (That number was just to cover +/-20% margin.)
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    if you put DC into a bridge rectifier you will get DC out with a voltage level a little less than the input voltage
    ... you will drop ~ 1.4V

    here's your free GEM of information for the day.....

    Bridge rectifiers are sometimes used for DC reversal protection of a circuit. This is because it doesn't matter which way (polarity) you connect the DC into the AC in terminals of the bridge, you will ALWAYS get the correct DC polarity out of it

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