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Homework Help: Bridge Rectifiers

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    When I see this, I remember that my teacher never explained this clearlly to me. As I see it (follow the Blue Current), when the current returns to the negative (temperorary) terminal, there can be 2 possible paths. It can take the top blue one OR the Bottom Red one. Should there not be a short circuit?

    I would like it if someone clarified this for me...
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    But only one pair of diodes are conducting at any given time. The different colors represent conduction on either the positive or negative half of the waveform. Therefore when blue is conduction, red is reversed biased (open circuit).

    Maybe an alternate schematic will clear things up:
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    try removing the reverse biased diode and make two saperate circuits showing one pair of diodes working(forward bias) at a time. you ll notice current is still flowing in the same direction
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    Thanks for point out the reverse bias bit. That clarified my doubts...
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