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Bridge vs Building Structural Design?

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    I am elated since I just landed a job with a design firm that does a lot of post-tensioned bridge work. I was hoping that some working engineers that have done both can compare it to other types of structural design, such as buildings, retaining walls, pressure vessels, etc..... I have always been under the impression that it is hard work which is why we have done very little of it in my structural engineering classes. I do have experience with pre-stressed concrete design and didn't think it was too difficult. They do a lot of single spanned bridges which I can see as being both easier and more difficult than multiple span bridges. One, it is simply supported as compared to indeterminate, but two you are having to design for much higher bending forces. I am merely a grad student with no real world work experience so I was hoping someone could talk about the difficulty of both and which is more rewarding.

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