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Brief but accruate/adequate enough explanation of nuclear fusion for non sci major?

  1. Nov 24, 2006 #1
    I need to explain fusion to some intro chem people, but they are really dense...Think this will work:

    *see picture

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    Depending how lay your audience is, this may or may not be too technicall. I would step down just a bit if your audience has not taken Chemistry AP or college level chemistry.
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    Deuterium isn't positively charged, deuterons are. And the strong force isn't restricted to neutrons.
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    Right, but Deuterium will be ionized...

    Right, but why would it be any relavent at all to talk about it in any other sense? I'm sure I could tell them that it is the interaction between gluons and quarks and go into a whole spill about Quantum Chromodynamics..., but I do think that would be overkill for freshman intro chemistry non science majors.
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