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Briefly suspend your beliefs

  1. Jun 26, 2007 #1
    I know that relativistically, it is absolutely impossible for anything to travel faster than the speed of light.
    However, let's say that something were to travel faster than the speed of light...
    I would postulate that although it is traveling faster than light, it can only visibly be seen traveling at the speed of light, and thus, it would be possible to see something that has already disappeared...for example...
    Let's say a particle is traveling at twice the speed of light through a particle accelerator and said particle only has a life of one second...although the particle would be non-existent after one second, because it was traveling at twice the speed of light, it would take two seconds for light to trace the path of the partice and allow us to visibly see it, making it seem like the particle lasted twice as long as it should have and thus increased its life, when in fact we were only seeing something that had already disappeared.
    I am using the same concept as the speed of sound, when you break the sound barrier, something can pass you and you will not hear it until the sound catches up to it.
    An offshoot of this concept is this...let's say bullet is traveling faster than the speed of light and it strikes a piece of paper...first there would be a hole in the paper and then we would see the bullet pass through the hole that it had already created?

    I know this is hard to contemplate due to relativity and that it is currently considered impossible and implausible, but like the title says...briefly suspend your beliefs...and let's hear your thoughts.
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    what is your point? if it was possible all these other things would be possible? are you saying that the speed of sound or a bullet is analogous to the speed of light? your ideas aren't really coherent.
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    If a supersonic jet crashes into a boom box, do you hear the music stop before you hear the crash?
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    I'm afriad these kinds of threads are not permitted here. We ask that you stick to mainstream, accepted science. :smile:

    - Warren
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