Bring on the bands

Bands. Musical in that their vibrations can be counted by their number of twists in spacetime. For instance, an untwisted band has "vibration" energy zero Planck units. A typical one-twist Moebius band has "vibration" energy one Planck unit. Two twists yields "vibration" energy two Planck units, etc. A string does not differentiate between number of twists outside of a Planck time, and therefore represents a special case of bands.

The width of the band is dualistic to its number of twists, as winding numbers are to vibration numbers in string theory. Zero Planck length width, characteristic of strings and classically forbidden due to its divergent energy, yields its virtual self for less than a Planck time. A one Planck length width sustains a "winding" number of energy one Planck unit. A two Planck length width sustains a "winding" number of energy one-half Planck unit, etc

Has this approach been successfully used before, and if so, how does it compare to conventional M-theory?

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