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Bringing up My GPA

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    So I am entering my 5th semester of engineering next fall (junior year). I currently have a 2.7 gpa due to a little bit of slacking not to mention engineering is not easy. I have experienced dropping my gpa, obviously, but ive never experienced raising my gpa. =\, do you think that if I get a 3.5 for the next two semesters my gpa will bump up to a 3.0 at least? Thanks for the input.
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    Vanadium 50

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    (4 x 2.7 + 2 x 3.5)/6 = 2.97

    So your answer is "no".
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    Damn, you do not need to tell him twice...you just doubled the pain.
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    work hard and make it a 4.0
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    Nice Vanadium, now i know how to calculate that gpa. Thanks. Looks like 4.0 is what its gonna HAVE to be. Time, to get pumped up.
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    You went through 2 years of engineering without knowing how to calculate your GPA?
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    Yeah, I dont want to talk about it
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