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Britain vs America

  1. Mar 19, 2005 #1
    well i think here is more appropriate place to put my question which i put in General Discussion forum ....
    hey ALL
    i will graduate this year ... ... i am fron arabic country ... i want to study either telecom or IT abroad ... but i am to choose between Britain and America .....my level in english is quite good ... but i am thinking of taking foundation courses before entering university
    can anyone help me by listing the advantages and the disadvantages of studying in both countries .. e.g. standard of studying ... studying system ... possibility of combinig certificates ( combine IT studies and Telecom ) ..... and any other points u feel is important
    plz help
    i will be very grateful
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    I'd say that your best bet is to study in the States. Britain has good universities too but the States has a lot more and the hig ranked ones are some of the best in the world. Also, in the states, it will be chap residence and you wont have to spend so much money of necesities. You'll also have a lot more fun.


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    Ooooooohhh! Controversial!

    I think that's a completely ridiculous statement to make.

    Both countries have some extremely good universities with facilities for all the fun (and learning!) you could ever need. You'll have a good time wherever you go, but at least if you go to the UK you'll be able to get pissed before you're 21.
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    Yep. i agree. both the countries have extremely good universities.
    @noname.. if ur planning to study and return to your native land, studying in any of the countries would do... but if u r planning to settle their after ur studies, then i must say, states would be a better option. you have greater chances of getting employed in the US as compared to UK.
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    thanx to all
    i would be more grateful to u if someone explained the studying system in university in every country 4 instance i heard that in the us they have the credit system and the lectures are in different times but in the uk it is like the school u go from 9 to 2 for example .... is that true ... and what r the advantages of this .... and if u have more points plz add
    another question ..... is it really that the life and people in the us r more easy and fun loving than the uk
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    brewnog .... what do u mean by this .... why will i get pissed by 21 ?
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    Umm, no not necessarily. Different universities will have different timetables. You might start at 9 some days and not on others, it's really impossible to say.

    That's also really impossible to say. I think wherever you go, you can have fun.. but it'll just be different. There are lots of fun loving people here. I can't speak for the US, as I've never studied there.

    He means that in the US, the legal drinking age is 21 whereas over here, it's 18. You don't have to drink if you don't want to, though (nothing wrong with that).
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    Salam 3alaikom. :D
    It really depends on where you want to work... as in if you were in Britain, you'd get used to things rather quickly because they use the metric system, like us, and there's no need to get used to feet, inches and other unneccessary to know units.. (I'm guessing this'll probably somewhat affect studies?)
    Anyway, I don't think it really matters where you go... America is known to be easier in terms of level (as far as I know) and Britain seems more advanced when it comes to education... but meh.
    Allah ma3ak.
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    Out of curiosity, which arab country are you from?
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    american universities are just as advanced as the british. people here drink anyway all the time under 21. since this person is from an arab country i wonder if he even drinks alcohol. college is not for the drunks though
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    have you thought of Canada? It's cheaper and has about the same quality
  13. Mar 20, 2005 #12
    Wow, I never realized that there were SO MANY (more than me) Arabs on here. :|
    Anyway, in the British system you go to College immediately after 10th grade (if you complete your (I)GCSEs by then, which I thought you'd usually do (they do it in British schools here)), isn't it so that in the American system you go to College by 12th grade?
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    College doesn't mean the same thing in the American and British systems. In the US, college means university, but over here it is below university in education level.
  15. Mar 20, 2005 #14
    neither did I.... :)
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    It's probably more important to look at the specific degree programmes of the universities that interest you rather than the country itself. Both the U.K and U.S have equally highly regarded programmes, similar standards of living, etc.

    The U.K on its own is obviously smaller than the U.S but it is part of the E.U. However, being an island, it isn't quite as easy to travel to other E.U countries than if you were in, say, France.

    It may even come down to whether you want to eventually speak English with a British accent or an American accent.
  17. Mar 21, 2005 #16
    Yep.. thats one doubt in here too. Can someone put some light over that please!
  18. Mar 21, 2005 #17
    The study habits differ from school to school. However there is usually a group of people who spend most of their time studying. Depending upon where you are looking to go to school, MIT, Northeastern, U of Maine, just to name a few, have very good programs and there is a high likely hood that you'll find most people will be studying most of there time. There is still plenty of free time, if you study. You'll find that the work load and general ethic changes depending upon which part of the country you are looking to study in. Its rather difficult to give you a concrete, black and white, this is how it is studying wise opinion on things. Its really all depends on you. There are students at every school who are there to study and advance their educations instead of partying.

    It really depends on which part of the country and which school you choose to study at. With all that said here in the States the OVERALL work and study ethic is pretty high. People are driven to do well and help others do well. I don't know about the universities in the U.K. but I'm sure things are pretty much the same.

    It might be a little easier for you to find inexpensive living accomedations while attending college. However, I'm not sure if this is true for the U.K., but there are school that will help you get jobs before you graduate. That way you can go right into your field and not have to job hunt for six or seven months. Overall, it might be easier for you to be able to find a job here.

    I hope that helps you out a little bit. Cheers love.
  19. Mar 22, 2005 #18
    thanx a lot to all of u
  20. Mar 22, 2005 #19
    Well, i was here since 4 years, when PF was sooo small as this size : . :approve: but i chance the username however. "some arabic blood running through me :biggrin: "

    I have studied high school in the U.K. and now i am at a University in the U.S.
    As far as i see: its much easier to find scholarhsips in the U.S than in the U.K., for a reason or another may be i just miss UK since i had lots of fun there more than here, but its all depend on the place, the network of ppl you know, ur mood ...etc. You know even in a cave we have have fun by listening to the rivers by and swimming there "geeky metaphore, but i guess u got wut i mean"

    The Strong student is more than the strong university, still which uni is imoprtant. Ivy leagues here and Oxford/Cambridge in the UK are somehow can be equal to each other. the Number of the good univesities here in the U.S is a lot more thant UK, but in terms of quality in general UK has a bit higher range, [In short, tops ones are almost the same with little favor for U.S, excelllent ones are same in both countires, but lets say the lowest ranks in the UK universities are higher than the lowest ranks in the U.S]
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    thanx moses
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