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Britain's 'X-Files'

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    http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/politics/story.jsp?story=603470 [Broken]

    Thought I'd pass it along!
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    Maybe finally we get to know who makes them crop circles.
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    Probably just a few bored mathematicians with a few too many pints in their belly! :rofl:

    I really like their work though! Crop circles are becoming a freegin art form! :tongue2:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Thanks Polyb! :biggrin:
    Here is where many official UK UFO reports are found.
    Ministry of Defense

    For example, the Rendlesham Forest/Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge case
    http://www.mod.uk/linked_files/publications/foi/ufo/ufofilepart1.pdf [Broken]

    Edit: Search UFO here http://www.foi.mod.uk [Broken]
    I don't see any new docs yet.
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    Nah, if booze were an issue, they'd be more like crop poorly formed ellipses. Too much caffine on the other hand...
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    MoD's alien files are out of this world
    By Cathy Newman and Jean Eaglesham
    Published: February 3 2005


    " Following a request under the Freedom of Information Act by the Financial Times, the Ministry of Defence has revealed it remains "totally open-minded" about the possibility that life exists beyond Earth."

    MoD Reveals 88 Sightings In '04
    http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/this_britain/story.jsp?story=607253 [Broken]
    The Independent - London, UK 02-03-05

    "That account was deemed so sensitive to the national interest
    that the MoD had delayed its release for an extra three years.
    But under the Freedom of Information Act, which came into force
    on 1 January, the file has been declassified."


    UFOs Are Out There Say Real X-Files
    Source: Evening Standard - London, UK

    http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/articles/16353133 [Broken]

    By Mark Prigg
    Science Correspondent
    Evening Standard


    How Britain's X-Files Said That UFOs Were Just A Waste Of Time
    Source: The Times of London - UK-02-04-05
    By David Charter

    "Secret committee dismissed reports of flying saucers more than
    50 years ago

    The truth is out there somewhere... but it has taken the
    Ministry of Defence 54 years to release secret papers ruling out
    the existence of UFOs."

    Pie in the sky
    Source: The Times of London - UK



    "Flying saucers are close encounters with the human imagination"

    "UFOs do not exist. It is official. The minutes of the Ministry
    of Defence’s Flying Saucer Working Party of 1961 were published
    yesterday. In the earthbound prose of official reports, they
    recommend no more public money should be spent on chasing UFOs.

    Typical of the land-based bureaucrats to shoot down these
    wonderful figments of imagination. The MoD report cruelly
    debunks UFOlogy, close encounters of the first or any kind,
    little green men with eyes on stalks, and a popular form of
    romance on page and screen. Astronomers now agree that there is
    no evidence for the visitation of Earth by aliens, and that the
    obsession with UFOs has delayed legitimate research into the
    possibility of intelligent life elsewhere."
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