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Britans tin and chistianity

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    Before going into the controversial question of Glastonbury, Joseph of Arimathea and the stories or legends which surround it, one needs to stop at a few points to determine some basic givens. Glastonbury is traditionally the first Christian sanctuary in Great Britain, visited, so legend has it, by Joseph of Arimathea and Saints David & Patrick. It has a strong tradition in British history dating back to the time of King Arthur who is said to have been buried at the Abbey beside his lovely wife Queen Guinevere. His body was moved at a later date. Further, at Glastonbury Joseph of Arimathea is said to have planted the Holy Thorn tree which is still growing there today. Also, a holy well is supposed to be still found there.

    The strong tradition tying Joseph of Arimathea with Glastonbury and the Phoenician tin trade with Cornwall may have strong thread of truth that ties them together. The only known sailors who came from the Eastern Mediterranean to Britain were Phoenician. Hence, the elementary conclusion is that Joseph of Arimathea, if he really made the trip(s), must have done it on Phoenician ships.

    http://www.cartage.org.lb/en/themes/geoghist/histories/oldcivilization/phoenicia/britmines/britmines.html [Broken]
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    According to the Talmud, Joseph of Arimathea was said to have been an uncle of the Virgin Mary, being a younger brother of her father. He gained his wealth as an importer in the tin trade, which existed between Cornwall and Phoenicia.

    Joseph along with St. John buried Jesus after the crucifixion. Joseph, in the tin trade, made a lot of trips to Britain, where being a rich merchant made close contact with royalty; namely Kings Beli, Lud, Llyr and Arviragus, who gave Joseph and his companions some 2000 acres of land, tax free. Arviragus would become God's "Protectorate" for the Cradle of Christianity, Glastonbury. Caradoc, Pendragon of England, would become God's "Protectorate" of the fledgling English Church.

    Joseph of Arimathea was a man of refinement, well educated, and one who possessed many talents, had extraordinary political and business ability. He has been called one of the richest men in the world. He learned about that tin trade from the Phoenicians, which then was akin in importance to that of steel today. They had been bringing ore from England for centuries. Joseph was well educated, a member of the ruling political body of the whole country. In St. Jerome's translation, Joseph's official title is given as 'Nobilis Decurio', a minister of mines for the Roman empire, with direct access to Pilate himself. He was no slouch. How better to protect Jesus, after Joseph the carpenter died, and insure the seeding and growth of the Gospel in England.
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    King Beli.

    Beli, King of Britain, m. Euriphile

    Father: Dubnovellus (Dunvallo) ap Addeomaros, he was exiled by his cousin Tasciovanus, 005 in Britain
    Mother: Annia (Antonia, Ancia)

    Beli is said to have met Anna while living in Rome, where his father was in exile. He later invited Joseph of Arimathea, and other Christians, to come to Britain.

    Beli is the British Christian prince, Eubulus, whose greeting the Apostle Paul sent to Timothy during his last imprisonment (2 Timothy 4:21). He is often confused with Beli Mawr and Heli (Beli), father of Lludd III.

    Spouse: Anna of Arimathea

    Father: Joseph of Arimathea
    Mother: Anna the Prophetess

    Anna's exact connection with the Holy Family remains a mystery. She is said to be either the daughter of the Virgin Mary, a cousin of Mary, or niece of Mary. Another source claims she is a daughter of Joseph of Arimathea by his first wife Escha, his brother's widow.
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