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British scientists is convinced it has found proof of alien life

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    I stumbled upon this article and was wondering what others think of it?


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    The "Journal of Cosmology" is not a recognized journal by Thompson Reuters Master Journal list, so it is not accepted by PF. This is where they posted their unsubstantiated claims.

    As the article you posted even states
    More on it's crackpottery


    I think we can dismiss the findings claimed in the article for now.
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    This is nonsense, the university of Sheffield should take a strong look at its departments. At a time when universities across the country are struggling with budget cuts poor quality research like this published in a non-peer reviewed journal (the journal of cosmology is a crackpot, non credible website) is unacceptable.

    Their ideas are riddled with errors but the biggest one is that high altitude organisms must come from space. We have known about high altitude bacteria for a long time, here's a far more reputable reputable article on the subject
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    My favorite part is that they say there is no known mechanism by which these organisms could have achieved that height from earth, so they must have blasted off from another planet
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    The part about comets being aquatic environments was the icing on the cake for me.
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