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Broken Sony Notebook

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    "Broken" Sony Notebook

    I have a Sony Vaio 4E1L Notebook with a broken display. The screen itself is intact - so I assume it's a problem with the inverter or the backlight. The display is completely out of whack...is there an easy way to tell what the problem is?

    I've never worked on a laptop before, but I need the experience. I went to open the screen, but there don't appear to be any screws. It's possible that they're hidden under the four little rubber pads, but I want to be sure before ripping them off, as I may be selling the laptop after repair. Do they just snap it together, and/or glue it with this model?

    Stupid add on question: One of the keys is also missing (down arrow). A fitted Sony keyboard is rather expensive - can I get individual keys? Suggested retailers?

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    I do not have experience with that particular Sony Vaio.

    You can't open the screen.

    Fortunately, these problems are often caused by the cable which connects the screen to the video card, and this cable can be accessed from the bottom of the laptop (where the screws should be quite obvious).

    Unfortunately, if the problem is not solved by reconnecting/replacing the cable, there is nothing else you can do. The cost of a replacement screen (if the screen itself is faulty) is minimum 700$, there really is no such thing as repairing an LCD.

    You should be able to get a suitable replacement for relatively cheap from a local (non-franchise) store that does laptop repairs, even if it is not a perfect match.
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    You can buy individual keys from ebay for usually $3 to $5 apiece.

    As for removing the screen, I know I can with my toshiba laptop (the screws are under the rubber pads). There is usually a manual for how to disassemble a laptop though, search for one online. Common sense is oftentimes not enough to figure it out, as you might have to apply pressure and certain movements to certain locations of the laptop to get it to pop out just right. It can be quite a pain in the ass, to be frank.

    It sounds like your problem is either the inverter, as you said, or the back light itself. To see if the LCD screen is still intact, turn the computer on and shine a flash light at the screen. If you see things, but it's really dark, then it's the back light or the cables connecting the back light.

    You can oftentimes find broken laptops for sale on ebay, look for one with a working backlight, LCD, or whatever might be your problem. You can do the repairs yourself if you know what you're doing (and save a lot of money compared to a computer shop, which will do the same thing).
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