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Broken Steel

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    A question has been puzzling me: why does a steel specimen feel warmer after it is fractured via applied tensile stress?
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    Think about the deformation of the metal before failure. What is happening during the loading of the steel? What is the significance of the uniform elongation, total elongation and fracture surface?

    The other factor is the internal friction in the metal.
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    When a metal is plastically deformed it absorbs energy. (the area inder the stress strain curve is a measure of this). This energy is dissipated as heat and as new surface energy when the metal breaks. A brittle cast iron (that is little plastic deformation) will not get as warm

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    well i have to forge die steel from a steel ingot(casted). After heating it to the correct temperature the piece is brought under the hammer and the forging process begins.
    in the first 10 strokes of the hammer cracks form on the surface and sometimes the piece breaks into 2 or more parts.What am i doing wrong.?
    I know the first thing that comes to mind is that there is a fault in the ingot but thats not it because some come out fine , some have minor cracks on them that can be grinded( IN the same heat of the induction furnace.).
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