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Broken SU(2), Penrose and E8

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    Hello everyone-

    I've tried to keep up with E8, but lately the Google-ing isn't as productive as it used to be.
    I assume that there has been no Show Stopper and the push for E8 Unification continues. So: Concerning the E8 development:

    Roger Penrose states in _The Road to Reality_ p. 653 (ISBN 978-0-679-77631-4 ):

    "It is less clear to me, in the conventional attitude to the standard model, the group SU(2) can be taken actually as a gauge group, while being so severely broken. Some might take this SU(2) as reflecting some kind of 'hidden symmetry' which is really exact and acts only 'potentially' as a gauge group, and the electroweak theory is some kind of external manifestation of this."

    If you take, for example, the Electroweak Weight Diagrams in the SciAm article by Lisi and Weatherall, do these exhibit the "More Perfect Symmetry" implied by Penrose or is the broken symmetry shown "as is", as an amalgam of Hypercharge and Weak Force? If the E8 diagrams show a "broken symmetry", what would the new diagram (reflecting a more perfect symmetry) look like?

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