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Brown fish tank algae?

  1. Mar 7, 2003 #1
    I noticed this brownish substance along the walls of the fish tank containing my Bala Shark, Schrodinger, and this substance is also in the gravel.

    The idea of purchasing an "algae-eater" to see whether it will feed off this substance crossed my mind but it could eat it without knowing what it is so that's a bit unreliable.

    I'm thinking it may be algae but I'm not sure. Any ideas what it may be?
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    Sounds like algae to me. Wipe it off the walls of the tank & vaccum the gravel now and then (simple siphon-thingy available in pet shops - - it's fun).

    An algae eater might help, but I don't think it can keep up if you want things sparkling. Snails can help too, but they breed like rabbits (quickly, not warm-bloodedly) and quickly overrun your tank (impossible to get rid of - - don't do it unless you like snails).
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    Thanks Phobos.

    I wiped the inside of the tank with a cloth (but I need to go purchase the equipment to clean the gravel).

    I'm kind of worried not about my Bala shark. When he's resting, he's at an angle (facing downward). Is he losing equilibrium or can algae kill my bala shark?

    Is it possible that an algae eater and myself and work together in keeping the tank clean?

    As for the snails, could reproduction be slowed down if I purchase one and only one snail?

    Sorry I'm full of questions today.
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    Depends much on the type of snail we are talking about. Some snails reproduce sexually, so you can effectively put a lid on reproduction by separating the male and female. But some reproduce asexually, so.... you're kinda screwed.
    Check out the species first.
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    If it is actually algae (and i think it is), try to put your fish tank away from direct sun light. (or do any trick to stop the direct sun light from coming to the tank).
    I personally had a 120 litre fish tank, with only 2 gold fishes inside (weren't they living like kings :wink: ?), but the water tank was allday in direct sun light (it was in a room with windows from all directions ! so try to imagine it).
    So the tank always had algae on its side, and it didn't really look good.
    At the end i gave up ! i waited till the fishes died, and simply left the empty tank.
  7. Mar 18, 2003 #6
    I'm not sure what could be causing your shark to rest as you say it does.

    I forgot whether sharks had "swim bladders". Do they? If not, then they should probably fall to the "ground", when they rest.
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    Well, my bala shark died :frown:

    Can bala sharks get heart attacks? I saw this one die right in front of my eyes. I moved closed to it and I guess it scared it. It tried jumping out of the tank and then landed stomach-side up.

    I just thought of that as soon as I hit the reply button. I will have to check the species out.

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