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Brown noise

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    How loud does brown noise have to be for it to be effective?
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    These "brown note" myths are totally false, sorry.

    They even featured this myth on MYTHBUSTERS on the Discovery Channel, if you live in a very English country, like the US, UK, or Australia.

    Of course any really loud low-Hertz sound, will have negative effects on the subject.
    http://blogcritics.org/archives/2003/09/09/121851.php [Broken]

    "Brown noise," in a more scientific sense is, is... hard to explain.
    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c9/Brownnoise.ogg" [Broken]

    Other color noises are pink noises, violet noises, white noises, blue, purple, grey, red, orange, black, and green.
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    funny thing how mythbusters said it is false yet yesterday another show "braniac" said that it is possible. thanks.
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    On Braniac, I don't think they did, but that show is purely for entertainment (they once had a guys dive into a pool of custard).
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    Conducting some highly detailed and scientific experiment no doubt!
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    I hate that show Braniac. Mythbusters makes some real attempts at solving probelms, and some of the things the ideas they come up with are brilliant (and others are just cool to watch, like filling a cement truck with 460 pounds of explosive). I watched Braniac last night for the first time and its terrible.
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    Well last week on braniac they put cessium and rubiddium in water, just cool to watch, (giant bang).
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    also on the mythbusters episode they had one of the best audio engineers build a very elabrotate sound system they played all the frequencys at very high volume yet nothing happened to adam who was staning inbetween the speakers. Compltely a fake mtyh. Other members of the crew said it made them feel like something was wrong or awkward or sumthing like that but no one had and bowel movements:tongue2:
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